Guidebooks and Nature Journals

book pile

Although guidebooks are not designed and marketed to children, they are a wonderful addition to children’s personal libraries! I wanted to share how we use them and their benefits, so I created a quick video to highlight our experiences and love for guidebooks. We also incorporate guidebooks with nature journaling.

Nature journaling is a simple and fun way to encourage young children to make observations and develop a connection with the natural world. It also promotes curiosity, wonder, and self-directed learning. Nature journaling helps develop and support reading and writing skills too. And it’s a great opportunity for connection within a family to have a shared activity.

Happy Journaling! You can also view the video from my Facebook page. I’d love to hear from you! Does your family take part in journaling?

50 Precious Words


In honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, Vivian Kirkfield is hosting a contest to write a children’s story using only 50 words. You can read the details and peruse the amazing stories that have been posted here.

With the help of my son Tommy, we came up with these 50 precious words:


Tommy asked Mama if he could go outside.

“Yes, but don’t go into the woods.”

He quickly forgot and ventured through the forest.

He glanced behind.

Frightened by the tracks following him,

he followed the footsteps until he saw something.

It was Mama.

His own footprints brought him safely home!