Sun Activities and Printables

Have you ever played with the sun? Here are a few ideas to get you started!

  • Using chalk on pavement or markers on paper, trace shadows. You could trace a person or your favorite toys. Trace shadows in the morning, noon, and in the late afternoon. How did the shadows change? Why do you think that is?
  • Play shadow tag. It’s like regular tag, but instead of tagging people, you tag their shadow. Would it be easier to tag someone at noon time or in the late afternoon? Why?
  • Make Sunshine Tea. Fill a clear jar with water and add 3 tea bags. Cover the jar and set it in the sunshine on a warm day. What did the sun do to help make your tea?
  • Make Raisins. Place grapes on a paper towel on a plate. Put the plate in a window that gets lots of sunlight. Watch your grapes become raisins over the next 2 weeks. How did the sun help?

SUN Printables- Click Here!

Watch below for a reading of IF SUN COULD SPEAK by author Kourtney LaFavre.

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Educator guide coming soon!