Fall Reflections

Fall is my favorite season. Here in New England, Mother Nature displays tremendous beauty and demonstrates letting go. Last fall was the beginning of a huge transformation period for me. This season I am reflecting back on the past year, and my biggest changes, challenges, and accomplishments. One of the wonderful things about sharing my passions, has been connecting with so many great people, so thank you for being here!

As the trees are releasing their leaves, I encourage you to join me in asking ourselves “What are some things that we can let go of to make room for the important things?” Check out the “Fall Reflections Guide” I created by clicking below:

Fall Reflections Guide


We are discussing self care for parents in the private support group “Choosing Homeschool.” There will be weekly challenges, support, and inspiration. I hope you join us by clicking here!

The kids and I will be celebrating the start of Fall tomorrow with apple cake, time in the woods, and some science to explore what the fall equinox actually is. I wish you a season of love, joy, and learning!

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